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My goal is that by the resolution of your case,
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My goal is that by the resolution of your case, you will have full confidence in recommending my legal services to someone you know.

Make It Easier On Your Health Care Proxy With A HIPAA Release

In order to ensure the privacy and protection of your medical records, the government has stepped in to create new laws. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) has been enacted and is designed to keep your individual medical records and history private from anyone and everyone, including your own family members. In order for a loved one, who may be entrusted to make decisions regarding your medical care, to receive your medical information, a release must be signed.

I am attorney Mitchell P. Sandler and for 30 years, I have served estate planning clients on Long Island, in Nassau County and throughout New York. As an experienced lawyer, I strive to help clients understand the many facets of estate planning and end-of-life planning. The best way to be prepared is to have all types of documents on file, including a HIPAA release. These can be updated as often as necessary, depending on who your health care proxy is, how often that designation changes and the many changes in your own life.

Contact my office today to schedule your initial consultation. We can discuss HIPAA releases and how they may support your living will and designated health care proxy.

Benefits Of A HIPAA Release

The HIPAA rules are very strict, leaving doctors and other medical professionals facing government sanctions and potential lawsuits if these guidelines are not followed. Obtaining a HIPAA release for your personal health care proxy is extremely beneficial in the event you become incapacitated or are just preparing for end-of-life issues that may arise. In order to be fully informed about your medical condition and make educated decisions about your care, your representative has to be legally authorized to receive information.

You can establish and obtain a HIPAA release far in advance of anything medically happening to you. Included in your estate plan and end-of-life planning documents (along with a living will, health care proxy designation and other documents), the HIPAA release may sit unused and unviewed until absolutely needed. However, having it just in case can make a difference in your medical care.

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