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My goal is that by the resolution of your case,
you will have full confidence in recommending
my legal services to someone you know.

My goal is that by the resolution of your case, you will have full confidence in recommending my legal services to someone you know.

Helping You Through The Probate Of Your Loved One’s Estate

If you have been named the executor of another person’s estate, you should feel honored by the trust that person placed in you. At the same time, you may feel overwhelmed by the responsibilities.

I am attorney Mitchell P. Sandler and I offer a free initial consultation to explain the New York probate process and discuss your responsibilities as executor. I represent executors on Long Island, in Nassau County and throughout New York.

Contact my office today and schedule your appointment to discuss probate and other estate administration issues.

What Is Probate?

Probate is the court process that is required to determine the validity of a will and to appoint an authorized representative, known as an executor, to handle the affairs of the estate. Depending on the size and complexity of the estate, the New York probate process can take from six months to two years or even longer.

What Are My Duties As Executor?

You may feel overwhelmed at the moment, since you have a life and a job. However, as an experienced probate attorney, I can guide you every step of the way, ensure that nothing is missed, ensure that future disputes and complications are avoided, and the process proceeds as quickly as possible.

Some of the steps of probate include:

  • Inventorying and valuing assets
  • Notifying and paying creditors
  • Paying state and federal taxes
  • Selling or disposing of real estate and other assets
  • Preparing accountings for the distribution of property

As executor, you are entitled to a commission to compensate you for your time.

Do I Have Liability As An Executor?

As executor, you have a fiduciary duty toward the estate. This is a very high level of responsibility, and you can be held personally liable for mistakes. For example, if you distribute property to beneficiaries without paying taxes or creditors, you could be personally responsible for those debts. For this reason, it’s important to seek the assistance of an experienced probate lawyer.

Litigation is sometimes necessary when parties who are not receiving bequests — or receiving what they feel are insufficient bequests — make a legal claim. Whether you are contesting a will or trust, or wish to defend the documents presented, I can advise you.

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I offer a free initial consultation. To discuss your case with me, Nassau County probate attorney Mitchell Sandler, call 516-874-3520. I offer flexible office hours and evening and weekend appointments.

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