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My goal is that by the resolution of your case,
you will have full confidence in recommending
my legal services to someone you know.

My goal is that by the resolution of your case, you will have full confidence in recommending my legal services to someone you know.

Finding The Estate Plan That Is Right For You

Creating an estate plan may seem unnecessary while you are young and healthy. Unfortunately, many people delay writing their will or signing a power of attorney until it is too late. The cost of not having these documents in place can be higher than anyone would want to pay.

At the Long Island office of Mitchell P. Sandler, Attorney At Law, I can help you prepare all the necessary estate planning documents. I will be respectful of your resources and will not waste your time or money preparing documents that you do not need.

Contact my office today to schedule a free initial consultation. During this time, we can discuss your questions and concerns, as well as how I can tailor my services to suit your needs.

The following pages provide more information about estate planning:

  • Wills : By establishing a will, you can name a trusted individual to serve as executor of your estate, appoint guardianships for loved ones, and specify your wishes regarding the distribution of your property and assets upon your death.
  • Trusts : Many attorneys recommend living trusts instead of wills. However, trusts typically cost three times as much as a will and many people simply do not need them. For those who need trusts, however, they are powerful tools.
  • Powers of attorney : Everyone should have a durable power of attorney regardless of age. If you become incapacitated without this document in place, your family may have to go through a costly guardianship proceeding.
  • Living wills, health care proxies and HIPAA releases : A catastrophic illness or accident can happen to anyone at any time. Without these important documents to communicate your wishes to family members and doctors, the courts could end up deciding what happens to you.
  • Estate planning FAQs : Find answers to commonly asked questions about estate planning.

In addition to being an experienced estate planning lawyer, I am also a certified public accountant (CPA). My accounting background enables me to assist my clients with any tax issues that may arise in relation to the estate planning.

Contact A Long Island, New York, Living Will Attorney

For guidance regarding the creation of your estate plan, contact me, Nassau County estate planning attorney Mitchell Sandler. Call 516-874-3520. I offer free initial consultations, flexible office hours, and evening and weekend appointments. My law firm serves individuals and families on Long Island, in Nassau County and throughout New York.

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