Guiding You Through The Business Formation Process

Creating a successful business is not an overnight process. Business owners often spend months or years preparing to open their business. In addition to establishing good management and finding reliable employees, there are also many legal aspects that must be considered when starting a business or corporation. Writing contracts, obtaining necessary licenses and permits and choosing the right formation are all essential to the business’s success.

At my firm the office of Mitchell P. Sandler, Attorney At Law I have 30 years of experience representing clients in business law matters. To schedule your free initial consultation, contact me online or call 516-874-3520.

Business Law Help

  • Choosing a business formation: Choosing the proper entity for your business will have a lasting effect on the business. We help clients determine what formation is most appropriate for their needs — limited liability corporation (LLC), limited liability partnership (LLP), corporation or sole proprietorship.
  • Drafting documents: At my law office, I help clients draft articles of incorporation, bylaws and other necessary startup documents.
  • Shareholder agreements: If your business has some type of ownership dispute, having a shareholder agreement can be beneficial. A shareholder agreement gives a partner the right of refusal, preventing them from selling the business to just anyone.

Contact An Experienced Long Island Business Contract Lawyer

If you are forming a new business, working with an experienced business law attorney can make the crucial difference in whether your company succeeds. To schedule your free initial consultation, contact me online or call 516-874-3520.