Navigating Through The Estate Administration Process

After a person dies, everything in the estate must be collected, managed and distributed. The debts and taxes of the deceased must be paid and the remaining assets must be distributed. Probating an estate must be done with a high attention to detail to properly distribute the property. The consequences of a mistake can be high: delays, complications, disputes and lawsuits.

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The following pages provide more information about estate administration in New York:

  • When there is a will, that document names an executor whom the deceased wished to handle his or her estate. That person must be approved by the Surrogate’s Court and the estate distributed according to the directions in the will.

  • If there is no will, the Surrogate’s Court will appoint an administrator to handle the estate. The estate will be distributed according to New York law.

  • When legal challenges and disputes arise during probate, litigation may be necessary to resolve the disputes.
  • Breach of fiduciary duty can arise when a person entrusted to handle a trust or other estate planning element breaches that trust.

Working with an experienced estate administration lawyer can help you avoid problems and settle the estate as efficiently as possible. In addition to representing executors and administrators, I explain the probate process to family members and beneficiaries.

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