Ensuring Out-Of-State Property Is Fairly Administered

A surprising number of people never get around to writing a last will and testament. This can create a number of concerns for the deceased person’s family. The assistance of an experienced attorney can help the family avoid problems and delays.

I am attorney Mitchell P. Sandler. I offer a free initial consultation to explain the New York probate process when a person dies without a will. I represent administrators and beneficiaries involved in estate administration on Long Island, in Nassau County and throughout New York.

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This is what happens when someone dies in New York and there is no will:

  • The Surrogate’s Court will appoint an administrator to handle the estate.
  • The administrator will collect information about the deceased person’s assets, pay the bills and debts of the deceased, file tax returns and perform the other steps of estate administration.
  • Since there is no will, assets will be distributed according to New York state law.

How Are Assets Distributed In New York When There Is No Will?

Under New York law, assets are distributed as follows:

  1. A surviving spouse is the first in line and will inherit all the assets of an estate if there are no children or grandchildren. If there are children, the spouse receives $50,000, plus one-half of the remaining estate and the balance will be distributed to children equally.
  2. If there is no surviving spouse to the children equally.
  3. If there is no surviving spouse or children, to the parent or parents equally.
  4. If there are no surviving parents, to siblings and half-siblings.
  5. If there are no siblings or half-siblings, to grandparents.
  6. If there are no grandparents, to aunts and uncles.
  7. If there are no aunts and uncles, to the grandchildren of the deceased person’s grandparents.
  8. If there are no grandchildren of the deceased person’s grandparents, to the great grandchildren of the deceased person’s grandparents.
  9. If there are no great grandchildren of the deceased person’s grandparents, to the state of New York.

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