Protecting The Interests Of Your Loved One’s Estate In Litigation

Probate involves determining if a will is valid, appointing an executor and handling the final affairs of the estate. In many instances, probate and estate administration can be a smooth process, a legal procedure that wraps up without delay or discord. However, in other instances, problems can arise that require an attorney to represent your rights and interests in litigation.

I am a Long Island attorney with 30 years of experience representing individuals in Nassau County and throughout New York. I have ample experience guiding executors, heirs, beneficiaries and others through the probate and estate administration process, including providing representation during litigation.

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Types Of Estate Disputes That Can Result In Probate Litigation

Estate planning is a very personal area of law that involves families, finances and other private matters. When a family member dies, it can bring to the forefront years — or even generations — of secrets, falsehoods and broken relationships. When pain is brought to the surface, when an individual believes he or she is being unfairly cut out of the will and when trusted individuals do not act in an ethical manner, serious problems can arise. I handle the various legal matters that can come up, including those involving:

The decedent’s estate plan should clearly state his or her wishes regarding the distribution of property and assets. In seeking the favorable resolution of a probate dispute, I defend both individuals’ rights to inheritance as well as safeguard and execute decedents’ final wishes.

Is Litigation Necessary? Talk To A Lawyer For More Information

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