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My goal is that by the resolution of your case,
you will have full confidence in recommending
my legal services to someone you know.

My goal is that by the resolution of your case, you will have full confidence in recommending my legal services to someone you know.

Helping To Resolve Conflicts Over A Loved One’s Will

The death of a loved one can be an extremely difficult time for an entire family. This can be complicated by arguments over the distribution of the deceased family member’s estate. When conflicts arise, one or more parties may challenge the terms of the will or estate distribution in court.

At the office of Mitchell P. Sandler, Attorney At Law, I use my 30 years of estate administration experience when helping clients deal with will contests. These can be highly emotional situations involving numerous members of the same family. My goal is to resolve will contests as quickly and effectively as possible without going to court. However, it is often unavoidable and I put my litigation skills to work when necessary to present the case in front of a judge and jury.

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Challenging A Will

If a loved one died with a legal will, it means he or she died “testate.” This means that throughout the estate administration and probate processes, the will is to be validated and the assets of the estate distributed according to the terms set forth in the will.

However, individuals may challenge these terms if they believe that they are entitled to some proceeds from the estate. The will contest process often pits family members against other family members, causing emotions to run extremely high. I strive to help my clients see the reality of the situation and give them straightforward advice without emotion so they can fully understand the impact that a will contest may have on their life and finances.

As a skilled lawyer, I represent clients on either side of a will contest, whether:

  • You are challenging the terms of a will; or
  • You are attempting to defend yourself or the estate as a beneficiary or executor who is facing a will contest

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If you need more information about will contests, the probate process, dying intestate or other issues, please contact my firm online or call 516-874-3520 to schedule a free consultation. I have flexible scheduling times, and I am willing to meet clients in the evening or on weekends to meet the demands of their schedule. My office is conveniently located just off the highway at the intersection of Route 106-107 and the Northern State Parkway.

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